Project Management / Services

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for various civil / infrastructure development works including but not limited to

  1. Evaluation of bid document and selection of contractors
  2. Supervision of construction works as per drawings, specifications & contract documents.
  3. Implementation schedule using CPM / PERT tools
  4. Verification of layout of all structures with equipment
  5. Preparation of drawings and sketches for execution
  6. Quality assurance & Quality control services.
  7. Progress Report in MS Projects format
  8. Verification and certification of contractors bills etc.
  9. Assist contract management, resolution of disputes, extension of time.
  10. Assist in testing, trial run & commissioning.
  11. Assist in preparation of 'as built' drawing, taking over and closeout report.
Project Management Civil Engineering Services

Technical assistent Civil Engineering Services

Technical Assistance, Capacity Building

Technical Assistance & Capacity Building services for various civil / urban infrastructure development works include but not limited to

  1. Identification, formation and implementation.
  2. Review institutional capacity, identify and fill gaps.
  3. Ensure transfer of technology.
  4. Improving governance and finance planning for sustainable urban services delivery system.
  5. Training in preparation of feasibility studies & detailed engineering for bankable projects.
  6. On Job training in project implementation for initial operation and maintenance.
  7. Training in developing strategy for urban infrastructure development and poverty reduction.
  8. Support in institutional strengthening and human resource development.
  9. Strategic framework for social development, poverty alleviation and training the PAP.

Quality Auditing

Review & Quality Auditing services for various projects of State Governments and Multilateral funding agencies.

quality auditing Civil Engineering Services

Designs-Detailed  Civil Engineering Services

Designs & Detailed Engineering

(Civil /Structural / HVAC / MEP)

  1. Planning, designing and detailed engineering for architectural, civil, interior, structural, water supply & plumbing works, sewerage, rainwater harvesting, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, landscaping, arboriculture, etc
  2. Standard Engineering Details (SED) / detailed engineering for urban infrastructure development including water supply & sewerage system, irrigation works etc.

Procurement & Bid Management

Consultancy services for procurement of civil construction works & infrastructure development works, equipments, machineries, furniture, etc., in accordance with World Bank / ADB Guidelines / CVC norms etc. Services offered is inclusive but not limited to

  1. Preparation of procurement packages in the prescribed formats
  2. Preparation of technical specifications conforming to IS, BIS and other international standards
  3. Prequalification, EOI, RFP etc.
  4. Evaluation of bid documents and selection of contractors / vendors
  5. Co-ordination of procurement from shipment to commissioning
Procurement Bid Management Civil Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies services Civil Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies / PPTA

  1. Preliminary survey / studies
  2. Economic viability
  3. Technology application / adaptation
  4. Resource planning
  5. Implementation (Schedule)
  6. SWOT analysis

Statutory Approvals

Consultancy services for projects cover obtaining approvals and clearances from statutory bodies and authorities:

  1. Planning / building permits from local and State authorities
  2. NOCs from Fire Prevention Department, Inspectorate of Explosives, Factories etc.
  3. Environmental clearances from MoEF and State authorities
  4. State Pollution Control Boards
Statutory Approvals Civil Engineering Services

Monitoring-Evaluation Civil Engineering Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

Services offered include Performance Audit Services, Third Party Quality Audit and Quality Control services across India.

Financial Management

Consultancy services extend to financial management, PPP, IT and e-Governance etc. for Municipal Governance.

financial maagement services Civil Engineering Services
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